Model Railroad Club in Aarhus, Denmark. Scale 0 - 1:45

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Jydsk Model Jernbane Klub Skt.Annagade Skole                          Bygning A, 2.sal                          Ingerslev Boulevard 2                        DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Jydsk Model Jernbane Klub was started on 3 October 1945 by W. Bay and others. Already in November that year it was decided to build a model railway under the roof at Aarhus H (Main Railwaystation), and the work began on 9 December 1946. The layout was inaugurated one year later, where a Mo - car broke the thread. There were at that time 90 m track.

For nearly 50 years JMJK has been located under the roof of the station, until three years ago, the fire authorities brought this to an end. The layout, we teared apart had a long DSB single-track and connecting private railway. Futhermore, we had some meter-gauge (like on Bornholm) and a little industrial track (HO track). We are reusing some of the old stations on the new layout, and have already erected the first four of them (Silkeborg, Hinnerup, Gjern and Toustrup). The old layout was squeesed into around 150 m2, in contrast the new will be around 550 m2. Apart from the layout JMJK also has a fairsized library and archive, containing downsized original drawings from Danish and foreign companies. JMJK also has a large photo archive, among other things we have copies of builders' photos from Scandia, Frichs and Arlöf. The private collection of negatives from J. Guldbæk, dating from 1950 - 90, is also in the archives. Here there is a lot of material for both the model builder and the historic mind.

The new layout we are building will be much larger than the old one. A lot of the tracks and old stations will be reused, but many new length of tracks and some stations must be built. The DSB line will have double track between 3 stations and then single track between the next 3 ones, One of these will be a junction with connection to a ferrystation (Glyngøre) and by a ferry ("Morsø") to Nykøbing Mors. We also plan to build another ferry ("Danmark"); with 226 cm length it will be very impressive.

The private railway will start in Silkeborg and will have 3 stations and at least 1 signal stop. Toustrup will be reused from the old layout and then have a meter gauge line to X- og Z-købing. Furthermore, there are plans for an urban railcar and an industrial narrow gauge line. Right now all the named stations are in place and finished trackwise. We are working on the electrical system, and have the stations in working condition.  We have started monthly sessions with timetable operation. There will be a lot of work, so it is a great opportunity to join us and help building a layout of fantastic dimensions!
Drawings archive. (Danish text)
JMJK also has a fairsized archive, containing downsized original drawings from among others Scandia, Triangel, Frichs and DSB. You can buy copies of these drawings, prize 8 dkr each + postage. Some of these drawings are more than 100 years old, and the quality differs from very good to rather poor. This is indicated with. §'s, where none is the best and 3 §'s is the poorest quality. The drawings can be ordered by e-mail or by letter to:
JMJKs tegningsarkiv, Nr. Alle 79, DK 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.


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